Sunday, 11 June 2000

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Sunday morning. Wake up 11:00. Damn, too late for breakfast. Well, there's always that grocery store over at the mini-mall place.

Later, armed with BBQ Pringles and bottled water, I settle in for an afternoon of trying to keep busy without the use of my computer. This is crazy. Narcotics withdrawal wasn't this tough. That, and I'm still jet lagged. On with the TV, off with my mind. Luckily, I've found that there's plenty of good old American programming here. Watch a little bit of soccer. Take a nap. Watch Deep Space 9. Take another nap. Watch the X-Files (the computer geek video game episode). Dinner time.

I ate in this conference room last night because the restaurant was being used for a wedding reception. I show up tonighe, not really knowing what to expect. God damn, this dining room is decked out! I need to get you some pictures. And the food is absolutely exquisite. Not exactly what one would expect from English cuisine, eh? Have I mentioned today that I absolutely love being on the Timken payroll? Bedtime. I have to go to work tomorrow.

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